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Business guidance
Senior consultant with plentiful experience about setting up shops all over the world helps you have your own franchise stores within one year.
Business Consultation Procedure:
Franchise Procedure:
  1. Sign an equipment contract     training courses     place an order for the raw materials     delivery
  2. Sign a franchise contract     training courses     help to look for a location     sign up and start to design the shop     delivery of equipment and materials     courses review     open up shop
  3. Have a meeting with our consultant     draw up requirements for the new brand     sign up     training courses and a meeting     carry it out     open up shop
The edge of JK FOODS
  • Save TWD$50 thousand a month if you make ice blocks by yourself:
    A ready-made ice block is about TWD$120, compared to a self-made ice block which is about TWD$61, you save TWD$59. The required daily numbers of ice blocks are about 30 blocks. You are able to save TWD$53100 a month, and you can earn the cost of an ice block making machine in 4 months.
  • Free skill transfer:
    We are the headquarters for snow ice and we have lots of practical experience. You can have training courses directly in our shop, learning the real know-how, not just learning preparations and how to use the machine from the wholesale merchant or equipment manufacturer.
  • Powder raw materials are safe:
    They can be kept longer at room temperature, cheap delivery, and low import tax. They contain no preservatives. Purchasing raw materials is cheaper and more hygienic. Besides, we offer customized packs.
  • Multi-functional snow ice block making machine:
    Mix the mixture at the same time and you can make 30 blocks once in one day, which is highly efficient and you save time and manpower. Besides, you can quickly freeze fruit dices, dumplings, or grass jelly ice blocks.
  • International quality certification:
    We have ISO9001、22000、HACCP、HALAL、FDA international certification. Our products are mainly for export and all of them meet export specifications.
Free consulting service:
Teacher Hung has 30 years experience about starting a business.
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