H  Discover JK Foods  Story


1995>Start upWith the knowledge of cooking beans, owner Hung sold Taiwanese-style sweets near National Cheng Kung University, which was very popular.

2000>Transform and establish R&D centerOwner Hung decided to change career path and entered the food industry, establishing a profile in the research and development of snowice and sweets.

2004>The birth of snowiceExpanding business to include selling Taiwanese-style sweets and shaved ice and focusing primarily on snowice consulting service.

2006>Focused on healthy sweetsWith owner Hung’s education background in food nutrition, she explored methods of cooking nutritious ingredients such as white fungus, agar, and red bean and establish 【White Fungus Sweets Shop】.

2009>First food factory establishedSet up the first food factory and developed the first snowice block making machine.

2010>Traing center foundedSweet Rainbow Headquarter and training center founded. Started export business.

2011>Internation businessThe first franchise store opened in China and the second one in New York.

2013>Second food factory completedThe second food factory is completed. Snowice block making machine- now in its fourth generation with patent– boasts the best performance value. Business volume surged.

2014>Awarded several international qualified certificationSnowice block making machine in its fifth generation awarded CE certificate. Company also got  international ISO9001、22000、HACCP、HALAL certification.

2015>China equipment factory establishedChina equipment factory is established and started developing global authorized brand agency. Owner Hung was invited everywhere to give speeches about starting a business.

2016>Macau brand agency 
Macau brand agency authorized. Having 500 clients over 20 countries, 31 Sweet Rainbow brand franchisee, and third food factory established.

2017>Keep growing strong
JK FOODS keeps growing strong. Aim to found a headquarter abroad.